September 19, 2017

Hello my lovelies! Thursday will be the last day of summer, some people are pretty sad about it but I'm so excited. Even if I really enjoyed this summer, Fall is finaly here. I'm always happier when fall comes. Autumn is my favorite season, definitely (as much as I love winter to be honest). For few reasons and today I want to share these reasons with you. One last thing, fall, please, be amazing!

HALLOWEEN! ◊ I'm sorry, it's my first reason - I can't help myself. I truly love Halloween. I love Halloween makeup (more than everything else), I love being scared, I love scary movies, I love costumes, going out and celebrate and all that jazz... I think you understand now how much I love it.

My cosy jumpers. Yes, you read it well. Fall clothing is one of the reasons why I love this season. Big jumpers to be more precise. Yes, that's true, I worship jumpers. I got bunch of in my wardrobe and I can't wait to wear my jumpers. That's just something I really really love -- and it's comfy.

Fall colors. ◊ Yes, I love fall colors. I love orange leaves, vampy makeup (yes, yes, yes), the mustard color for clothing, yellow, orange, brown tones... Well, you get it! I love fall colors.

My birthday! ◊ A million times "yes"! I'm always so excited for my birthday which is literally in the middle of the season. As long as we consider November as it. So, write it somewhere: November 16th. Yes, it's probably written everywhere already. There's one big reason why I love my birthday. Because it's MY day. Make sens right? The selfish me is literally jumping all over the place screaming "yay, it's my birthday".

Family birthday! ◊ Fun fact, even if people probably don't really care. My mom's birthday is three weeks before mine and my dad's birthday is two days after mine. So more birthday, more parties! Do you understand why I love it now? More cakes and more champagne, duh.

Close to winter! ◊ Winter is my second favorite season. Probably because it's Christmas time. So being in Fall is exciting because the next season is as well. (That one was optional but I wanted to warn you, I really do love winter, so get ready for winter articles).

I hope you liked this article. I'm pretty curious so I'd love to know which one is your favorite season and why. Let me know, I can't wait to read that!
- with love, lou x


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  1. I hate summer. Really. Fall is awesome.

  2. Fall is the best for me as a photographer, great blog

  3. Hi,
    I love fall colors too, it's beautiful !
    Have a good day :)

  4. I love Halloween too ! Can't wait ! x

  5. I love Halloween too cause it's my birthday too haha !

  6. Hello !

    J'aime l'été, mais pas la canicule ! C'est pour ça que j'apprécie aussi beaucoup l'automne, les températures de saisons sont plus clémentes sans être froide !

    Belle journée,

    Laura - Bambins, Beauté et Futilité

  7. hello miss, Merci d'avoir enclencher le traducteur lol J'adore l'automne, tout comme toi il sonne mon anniversaire et halloween est la fête à laquelle on ne déroge pas avec ma fille, c'est notre moment à nous. les couleurs, les gros pulls, les bougies, les cookies dans le four .... une saison de rêve et de cocooning.

  8. J'ai tenté de te lire, et j'ai réussi youpiiii. Il me reste encore des bases en anglais (du moins, à l'écrit, car à l'oral, je suis une vraie quiche). Contrairement à toi, je n'aime pas du tout l'automne ... Mon seul plaisir de l'automne est de boire des bons thés à la cannelle et d'allumer de bonnes bougies à la cannelle xD. En fait, dès qu'il pleut ou qu'il fait gris, j'ai le moral dans les chaussettes.
    Belle semaine
    XoXo ;)

  9. L'automne est ma saison préférée aussi, peut-être parce que je suis née le 12 novembre haha :)
    J'adore fêter Halloween aussi et boire des Pumpkin Spice Latte :D

  10. Halloween is my first reason to love Fall so much too, it's the best time of the year!