September 28, 2017

Hi my lovelies! Lately, I have been thinking a lot about few things. And I feel like I need to write every little thing I got in my mind. You will probably think that I'm complaining which isn't true. Anyway, here are listed what I currently have in mind. I wanted to write this article since a moment but I litteraly had no idea what to write in it because my thoughts were kind of... a mess!

I'm leaving, again. It's probably the hardest part: leaving everyone. I'm leaving my family to move 3.700 miles away. Crazy isn't it? And my moving is pretty scary actually, but that's another story. I don't know if this time I will be able to do it. Even if I really want to!

Seeing people leaving. I'm alone currently, really alone. I don't have any friends. Sad, right? I don't have any best friends or even any friends actually. People are always leaving and as I don't chase them, it means they don't want me in their lives. Well, I'm not going to force you, right? As someone said one day: people always leave... but sometimes they come back.

I miss the people I lost. Lately, I've been through a terrible period and I lost my grand-grand mother, my grand father  and my dog (he was a part of the family). It has been the hardest thing I've been through. I miss them every single day. I would love to see them one last time!

Okay, there's few good things anyway like the time I spend with my family. I came back from London three weeks ago and I enjoy the single minute I can spend with my mom, my dad, my sister and my granny. But, time flies...

I'm glad to be where I am. I do something I like, I travel, I have big dreams and people I love truly support and believe in me... So everything will be fine. I am about to live the biggest adventure of my life. What else?

And you, what are you thoughts? Let me know!
- with love, lou xx


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