October 19, 2017

Hello my loves. Today, I'm writing about my own travel on a budget experience. I used to be always broke but I find a way to see other places (espacially when I was living in England). So today, I'm sharing few tips with you. Probably things you already know... or not, ahah. Because it's possible to travel without spending too much money, of course it's not big holiday but, eh, better than staying home, right?

Sleeping in an hostel ◊ I booked two nights in a room in an hostel for... £20. Yes, only. I find mine on the app Hostelworld and you can easily look for an hostel in the city center. I did it for Cardiff and my hostel was litteraly in the center of the city. Don't forget to read the reviews, it always help! And it's a good way to meet new people who loves to travel as well.

Traveling by bus ◊ Cheapest way to travel, even if you are crossing the country! I travelled by night to go in Newcastle and I slept the whole time. Seven hours from London, seven hours of sleep. Funny thing, I woke up every time the bus stopped. I kinda saw Sheffield, Leeds, Middlesborough as well. I payed less than 25£ return on Megabus. Amazing company and you have free wifi in the bus as well.

Sharing a room ◊ When I went in Newcastle, we shared a room with my friend. Big bed in a great room, breakfast included. We slept in a Holiday Inn Express and we needed a good bed after a 7-hours-trip... the night before. We paid something like £80 for two.

Simple food ◊ If you are sleeping in an hostel, you have a microwave at your service. Use it, go to the local supermarket and buy prepared food. It's less expensive than going in a restaurant everytime you are starving (which might cost a lot because I'm always hungry). Same for drinks, if you are sleeping in an hostel, you have a fridge at your service as well. Store drinks there, simple but effective!

That's pretty much it... for today! I have other travel tips but I'll share with you later. I hope you liked this article and the tips I shared with you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and if you have some tips as well, fell free to share those in the comments below.
- with love, lou xx


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  1. When you travel on a well-planned budget, you live within the means of the budget and have a nice time. Lovely info.