Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hello my loves. I chose this day to write this article about the things I usually do during my lazy days (and today is one of those lazy days for me). Lazy days are mostly sundays and official holidays and if you know me, you know how much I love spending my day to do nothing. Anyway, I will skip the intro and I will let you discover the things I'm doing when I have a lazy day, yes, it happens to everyone!

PYJAMA DAY (*INSERT HEART EMOJI*) ♡ Yes, you read it well. It's a lazy day so why sould I get dress to stay home? It doesn't have any sens to me. So I stay compfy in my pj all day. And in my bed, but for this, let's jump to thing number two, would you? 

NETFLIX & BINGE WATCHING ♡ It's my second lazy day this week. Sort of. Saturday, I had a tiny lazy day... I have spent my whole time (hm, until 5pm actually) watching Stranger Things 2 in my bed. Don't judge me, I know you guys are binge-watching tv shows as well. So, it's part of the plan for lazy days. 

RELAX..... TAKE IS EAAAASY! ♡ It was just about getting relax and feeling good. During lazy days, I'm not 100% lazy because I shower (of course!!) and take time to treat my skin/hair very well: beauty mask, hair routine under the shower etc. -- Am I the only one who just loves to do my full hair routine during lazy days? 

FAMILY TIME ♡ Another important thing. My family is really important for me, as I already said, I have a small family but they mean everything for me. So during lazy days (the other days my mom is working and my sister is attenting college) I enjoy the time I can spend with them for diner or even when we are watching movies or shows at night. 

CUTTING MYSELF OFF THE REST OF THE WORLD ♡ Okay, to be honest, I tend to cut myself off the world every single day because I don't really have friends which isn't a bad thing according to me. But during my lazy days, I barely look at my phone, it's sort of general day off, far from all the bullshit of this world, get it? 

And you... What are the things you are doing during you lazy days? Do you have sort of routine? Things you love to do more than usually? Fell free to share with me, I'd love to know and maybe it's gonna inspire me for my next lazy day?


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