Friday, January 5, 2018


Hello my lovelies and happy new year! I hope you are feeling good today! Personally, today I want to talk to you, I mean to write about few things, mainly about travelling and related things. When you have the chance to travel around the world, there's few things you learn. One of them is to know youself while pushing your limits. When you are travelling, you are leaving your comfort zone. And honestly it's a good things because usually good things are happening outside of your bubble. Yes let's call the comfort zone the bubble, it's pretty much the same anyway. As an exemple, I left my comfort zone for an unknown place. Crazy did you say? If so, yes, definitely, it's crazy to travel few thousands miles to find happiness. Let the magic happens because you will definitely find amazing things when you are leaving your bubble.

First thing first, this is a little flashback cause, you know, everyone has a story. I remember, as young as I was, I always wanted to leave the country I am born in. Not because I don't like it but because it's not why I was expecting for my life. In a matter of fact, I've never been happy before leaving my birth country for the first time. I wanted something bigger than the countryside, I wanted to travel the world and to discover new cultures, meet new people. And thanks god, I have a very supportive family. It's the story of how I left my comfort zone, my precious bubble. Travelling in unknown places is little putting yourself in danger and we love that. I mean, I do personally. And travelling, leaving my comfort zone, putting myself in danger helped me to understand who I really am. And yes, I'm aware, that sounds very silly.
You are probably wonder "how leaving our comfort zone helps us in the search of ourselves? Well... I'm talking mainly about my own experience, I always used to travel alone, with no one. Because when I'm travelling with someone, I feel like I carry a drag. Anyway, that's not even the point. I grew up because life is difficult, I pushed my limits away and I faced a lot of problem. And that's how I learned a lot of things. One of them is the famous "getting to know myself". Because before leaving, I didn't know who I really was. I mean, technically I do but I learned more about myself. And when you know yourself, you perfectly know which choices are going to make you truly happy. It's a personal development, that's essential because you are going to enjoy your freedom. You become independant, you do things by yourself. Because that's life, life means you can't count on people, the only one who's gonna make your life beautiful is yourself. But yes, sometimes people can help. Face your issues and start from the bottom, again. And you are going to fall, darling, because everyone does, but you stand up and you try again. And that's the thing, leaving our comfort zone means that you will face a lot and a lot of problems and when you'll sove these problems, you'll feel grown and happier and the magic happens, you get to know youself. True story, I promise.
Okay I think I said enough for today but I was inspired, probably because that's a chapter of my life I'm really proud about. I hope this article can help you to understand how life can be beautiful even when it's not easy and having problems isn't a fatality. Everyone does but remember something, when there's no answer to your issue, it means there's no issues. Right? Feel free to comment this article and tell me what helped you to learn yourself, I'm curious to know!


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