January 15, 2018

Hello my lovelies! I decided to write this article as a sort of throwback of last year. 2017 has ended two weekds ago and I need to look behind me to list the best things that happened to me. Let's not focus on bad and sad things because it doesn't worth it at all. Leave the bad vibes in 2017, we don't need it this year right? So let's jump to it, these are the best things that happened to me last year! One year ago, from today!

MOVING IN LONDON ♡ Moving back in London has been the best decision I've ever made. I moved out, I was alone and totally freaked out. But this moving bringed me the independance I needed. I grew up on my own, I learned how to cook (because no, eating McDonalds every day ain't a solution), I had to face my biggest fears and finally, this adventure helped me a lot. And thanks God, I couldn't be happier!

STUDIES ♡ In 2016, after years, I finally did what I always wanted to do: becoming a makeup artist. And in 2017 I didn't get only one diploma but also two certificates. I'm now a fully trained/certified makeup, sfx and prosthetics artist. And I'm so proud of the progress! It ain't easy everyday because being an artist mean (most of the time) self employement. But I hold on and one day, my dream will become a reality!

DIFFICULTIES ♡ I never thought writing this one day but difficulties are good. I'm not even joking, I struggled in so many ways but I finally realized one of my biggest dreams (which is the last point in this article). And I have no one to thanks for it - except my family because they are awesome and so supportive. But I did everything like a grown up. And it feels to good to know that finally, I don't need anyone!

GETTING CLOSER TO MY FAMILY ♡ I have the chance to have the mose awesome and supportive family. But in sad and hard times, we get closer. We already were but I feel like the trouble we had last year helped us to get even closer. And even if I'm so far from them, they means everything to me and knowing that they are proud helps me to holding on. Again and again, through the difficulties!

GOAL ACHIEVED ♡ Oh yes, I kept the best one for the end of this article. I'm finally where I always wanted to be, I'm at the place I can call home. After years dreaming about it, I'm finally in Canada, in Toronto precisely. And it feels so good to be here, to meet new people and to realized how my life has changed the last year. I'll never say that enough but: live your dreams people. Don't dream your life, live your dreams (it sounds like a cheesy quote)!

So yes, basically, 2017 has been the best year ever. Even if I really had bad moments. But what I want to keep in mind is that I traveled a lot, I studied a lot, I worked my ass off, I met amazing people and it's just the beginning. I hope you loved this more personal article and feel free to share in the comments what 2017 brings you (only good things).
- with love, lou xx


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