March 21, 2018

Hello my loves! Hope you are doing well. Today, I decided to list the places I want to go this year. I'm currently on a working holiday visa in Canada and it's a good reason to travel. Even more than usual. So, down below, you will discover the places I'd love to go as long as I'm in this side of the world. Which is already a big deal.

Oh, my dear Canada. This country I love and I want to live in for the rest of my life. I think I fell in love with this place when I was a teenager. My obsession with North America isn't new. Keep in mind that I'm currently in Toronto and I want to visit the whole country but there are the main places I want to discover.

Montréal. I have few friends over there. That city is definitely a place I have to go to.
Vancouver. For a long time, Vancouver was the city I wanted to go to. And not Toronto. Did I made the right choice? So far, I have no idea.
Calgary. Another big Canadian city I've never been to. 
Ottawa. A tiny bit up north, Ottawa, canadian capital, is probably the city we aren't enough talking about.

To be honest with you, this country is definitely the place that I'm dreaming about. I want lake, blue water, mountains and aurora borealis. I cold the cold, the snow and the people here. It's probably one of the best place on heart. Check out online, this country is the best to live in according to a lot of people.

All my life, I've been dreaming of it. I'm not gonna lie, I cried so many times because my friend were traveling to America and not me. How many times I begged my parents to send me in America? But now that I'm so close, I'd definitely go there and visit a lot of amazing places I've been dreaming of my entire life.
New York. Place number one. Since I'm a kid, my dream is to visit New York, the city that never sleeps. Anyway, think you got it, right?
Los Angeles. The place where dreams come true. For a makeup lover like myself who's dreaming about a big carreer in the film industry, well...
Miami. Some sun, some beaches and some beautiful places to visit. What else?
Las Vegas. Well, you get it.
La Nouvelle-Orléans. Another dream, like New York. Going to a place that has stories to tell.

So yes, I probably want to visit the whole country because there's place like Seattle, San Diego, Houston, Orlando... that I want to visit too but I'm a travel junkie, I want to go everywhere. So, these are the main places I want to go.

And you? Where are you from? Where you wanna go? What is your dream place? Tell me everyting. I'm curious so I want to know if you visited one of the places above, what did you think about it... The picture of this article is the skyline of Toronto. This picture has been took from Wards Island. The article will be online soon by the way.
- with love, lou xx


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